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MSM X-ray Facility


Access to the X-ray facility in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy is strictly controlled and the process to gain permission to work in the department is as follows:

  • Create account on PPMS – The X-ray facility uses PPMS to manage the booking and charging for equipment in the X-ray laboratory. In order to access the facility you will need an account on PPMS. Instructions on how to register for a PPMS account can be found on the PPMS account creation page.
  • Complete X-ray user Application Form – Once you have a PPMS account set up, you will need to complete the X-ray Facility user application form. Instructions on how to access this form are detailed on the gaining permission to access the X-ray facility page.
  • When you have a completed the user application form, a member of facility Staff will contact you to discuss your needs and arrange a suitable time for training on the instrument(s) you wish to use.
  • Receive X-ray lab induction and training – On the arranged date, come to the department reception where you will be met by a member of facility staff. If you already have departmental access, you can make you way down to the X-ray laboratory and ring the doorbell to be let in. You will then be given a brief laboratory induction and training on the instrument.
  • Once you have completed the laboratory induction and received your training, a member of facility staff will email the Departmental SafetyTeam to arrange for a link to the departmental safety test and fire safety training to be completed if not done so already.
  • An email will also be sent to the Facilities Helpdesk to get your University Card updated to allow access to the laboratory once you have completed the safety test and fire safety training.
  • Your X-ray user application form will then be validated by a member of facility staff and you will be given novice rights to book the equipment you have been trained on. This allows you to book the equipment during normal working hours.
  • If you would like training on a second instrument in the X-ray laboratory, talk to a member of facility staff to arrange this.
  • Video guide to PPMS - Stratocore have produced a video guide on using PPMS. A link to this video together with a list of useful time stamps can be found on the Video guide to PPMS page.