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MSM X-ray Facility


 Gaining permission to access the X-ray facility

Once you have a valid PPMS account you can proceed to log on to PPMS which will take you to your home page:


PPMS home screen


From here you can request access to the X-ray laboratory by selecting the “request a training” link which will take you to the Training Requests page shown:


Training request page


All users of the X-ray lab must be registered and have undergone safety training before being allowed to work in the X-ray laboratory. In order to request registration please select the X-Ray Facility user application form shown:


X-ray user application form screen


As part of the application, you are expected to read and agree to abide by the laboratory local rules. A printable copy of these rules can be found by clicking on the following link: PDF icon local_rules_nov_2021.pdf

Once you have completed this form, submit it for validation and once validated you will be invited for a lab induction and/or equipment training.

Please DO NOT submit multiple copies of the Facility User Application form.