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MSM X-ray Facility




Bruker D8 Discover diffractometer with 4 circles (ω, 2θ, χ, φ) and x, y, z motors. A laser video microscope allows sample positioning and spatially resolved work.



By default parallel beam optics with CuKα1,2 radiation in line focus, normally used in reflection mode, has been used in-plane, glancing angle and transmission mode.

Incident beam: a graded mirror gives an intense quasi parallel beam, pinholes reduce beam size.

Secondary beam: parallel plate collimator or slits set up as beam tunnel for scintillation counter.

Auto-absorber. Some slits are motorized.



Single point scintillation detector or LynxEye position sensitive detector.



  • 0.0001° minimum step in source and detector
  • ~0.04° best resolution in ω
  • ~0.04° best resolution in 2θ