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MSM X-ray Facility




Philips/Panalytical PW3050/65 X'Pert Pro high resolution horizontal diffractometer with 4 circles (ω, 2θ, χ, φ) and x, y, z motors. This diffractometer is highly versatile, and can be used in higher or lower resolution modes.

This diffractometer is ideal for high resolution work on oriented films.



By default parallel beam optics with CuKα1 radiation in line focus. Normally used in reflection mode, has been used in-plane & glancing angle and could be used in transmission.

Incident beam: a graded mirror gives an intense quasi parallel beam, then several options can be used - either symmetric or asymmetric Ge (220) 4-bounce primary monochromators, or programmable divergent slits. An automatic absorber is also used.

Secondary beam: open detector, or 2θ defined by an analyser crystal, beam tunnel or parallel plate collimator.

Manual absorbers can also be used. Most slits are motorized.



Two single point proportional detectors on separate optical paths.



  • 0.0001° minimum step in source and detector
  • ~0.003° best resolution in ω
  • ~0.003° best resolution in 2θ