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MSM X-ray Facility


PPMS Account creation

In order to gain access to the X-ray laboratory, you will need a valid PPMS user account . If you already have a PPMS account, you can skip this stage.

The URL for the PPMS site is





This landing page details all the facilities using PPMS. On this screen select Department on Materials Science & Metallurgy – EM and Xray Facility. This takes you to the following page:



If you have a PPMS account already you can select Login with your University of Cambridge credentials option (for University employees and staff) or Log in with your PPMS credentials (for external users). If you do not have an account on PPMS already, you will need to request a user account and this is done by following the user account creation request link which will take you to the following page:



Select the option that applies and then complete the application form on the next page. Once this is submitted it has to be approved and you will receive a notification when this is done. If you are a member of the university of Cambridge, you must enter a valid grant number at this point as PPMS has been configured to prevent equipment booking in the X-ray laboratory if a valid grant is not available.