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MSM X-ray Facility


In order to meet the running costs of the facility, we charge users to use the instruments in the laboratory as follows:

£30 per hour for the first 2 hours of the session
£25 per hour for the 3rd and 4th hour of the session
£20 per hour for the 5th and 6th hour of the session
£15 per hour after that.

These charges are for all academic users regardless of their institution and apply to all instruments.

Anyone from an external company wishing to carry out analysis in the X-ray facility can do so. For commercial use equipment access is £60/hour, plus the required training and consultancy fees which can be considerably more.

Use of the analysis computers is free, but time still needs to be booked using PPMS.

'Academic' means a member of a higher education institution, including MSM members, members of other University of Cambridge departments, and external students and academics from other universities.

Working-hours are 08:45-17:15 Monday-Friday. See the department safety book (must be on cam network to access) for out-of-hours requirements.

Equipment can be booked in units of 15 minutes through the PPMS booking system. The URL for the PPMS site is



Some technical support is included in the cost of booking equipment.

Short introductory sessions and safety briefings are free of charge.

If significant (>1 hour) training is required, this is charged at £25 / hour on top of equipment charges.



Consultancy services are available, with cost depending on the nature of the work required. Please contact the facility ( to discuss.