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MSM X-ray Facility




Bruker D8 Advance diffractometer with an automatic sample changer (6 magazines, 15 samples per magazine), a position sensitive detector with good energy resolution, and sample rotation. Ideal for high quality powder diffraction data.



Incident beam: divergent beam optics in reflection mode with CuKα1,2 radiation in line focus.

A moving anti-scatter knife edge gives a cleaner background at low angles.

All slits motorized, and automatic recognition of components such as absorbers and masks.



LynxEye EX position sensitive detector with ~6.5% energy resolution.



  • 0.0001° minimum step in source and detector
  • ~0.03° best resolution in ω
  • ~0.06° best resolution in 2θ



There is a short video (approx 11 mins long) for researchers wishing to use B3 for their research. This video gives a brief tour of the instrument and its opertion and is intended for researchers who wish to familiarise themselves with the instrument prior to getting formally trained to use it as well as existing users who wish to refresh their knowledge. The video can be accessed here.