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MSM X-ray Facility




Bruker Nanostar for small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). Measures difference in electron density, typically size and/or orientation of particles in solution, voids in solids, and crystalline/amorphours regions of polymers.



CuKα1,2 radiation with spot focus used in transmission mode, ~1 mm beam diameter on sample.

Incident beam: 2 cross-coupled mirrors, pinhole optics.

Secondary beam: sample to detector distance has five standard settings, ~40 to 1070 mm, giving a 2θ range 0.1 to 40°, d range 1000 to 2.2 Å.



VÅNTEC-2000 position sensitive detector.



Depends on sample-to-detector distance - detector has 2048x2048 pixels, average pixel size 68x68 µm.