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MSM X-ray Facility




Panalytical Empyrean vertical diffractometer with 4 circles: ω, 2θ, χ, φ and a z motor (no x or y). Set up with parallel beam optics, useful for oriented work. Can be used with simple sample holders or at high temperature with an Anton Parr domed heating stage. There is a standard proportional detector and a position sensitive detector that can be used in a variety of different modes, which is useful for e.g. fast reciprocal space mapping.



By default parallel beam optics with CuKα1 radiation in line focus, normally used in reflection mode.

Incident beam: hybrid 2-bounce primary (CuKα1), or graded mirror (more intense - CuKα1,2).

Secondary beam: Two separate optical paths. Can have open detector or 2θ defined by slits set as a beam tunnel, a parallel plate collimator, or a 2-bounce analyser crystal for better resolution but lower intensity.

Automatic and manual absorbers can be used, some slits are motorized.



Single point proportional detector, or a PIXcel3D position sensitive detector for fast reciprocal maps.



  • 0.0001° minimum step in source and detector
  • ~0.007° best resolution in ω
  • ~0.018° best resolution in 2θ